Welcome to the samples page

Choosing your natural stone tiles has never been easier as you can browse and buy online from the comfort of your own home. In order to help you make your decision and take the next step in your project you can request samples online of the products you are interested in.

You can order two 10x10cm tile samples free of charge* which can be posted to a UK destination (this includes the mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Eire, Channel Islands and Isle of Man ONLY).

Alternatively for a postage charge of £15 you can choose up to six 10x10cm samples or go large and order a 30x30cm (or a full tile on certain products) sample at £15 per sample.
If you need additional guidance on which natural stone is right for your project then our Stone Consultants are available by telephone (01283 730388) or , to answer any questions and arrange to send swatches of the stone you are considering.

We understand that life is busy enough and there are never enough hours in the day so our website and sample ordering service has been designed to take the stress out of both choosing and ordering.

* Customers are restricted to ordering no more than 2 free 10x10 samples every three months.

Requesting Samples

Look for these buttons on our main stone product pages. Please note that samples are not available for sinks, consumables or clearance items.

Order 10x10 Sample

This adds a 10cm x 10cm sample to your sample order where shown, first two are free* but you can order up to six 10x10 samples for a total of £15 including VAT and P&P
Order 30x30 Sample

This adds a 30cm x 30cm sample to your sample order where shown and costs £15 each including VAT and P&P
Order Full Tile Sample

This adds a full tile sample because it is not available as a 30x30 sample where shown and cost £15 each including VAT and P&P

Changing sample size

With most samples we offer you can choose to change them from what you started with in your sample order. For instance, if you choose a 10 x 10 sample but then decide to change it to a 30 x 30 sample, you can do this easily from within your sample order (when available).

Where changes can be made there will be either a green up arrow to indicate you can change it to a full size sample (either a full tile or 30 x 30), or you can change from a large sample down to a standard 10 x 10 sample by clicking on the blue down arrow .

In Fig 1, when the customer clicks on the green up arrow the 10 x 10 sample is converted to the 30x 30 sample (see Fig 2). By doing this they changed their samples order from two 10 x 10 samples and a 30 x 30 sample, charged at £15 (inc VAT and Del) to one 10 x 10 sample and two 30 x 30 samples, charged at £30 (inc VAT and Del).