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FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!

Substrate for cladding Panels

We are looking to create an external feature wall between 3 fencing posts.

The area to cover is 1.83(H) x 1.83(W) x 2 sections.

My question is what is the best external substrate to bond your Oyster Mini Slate Tiles onto?

Using the correct adhesive is more important than the actual substrate when installing cladding panels. These panels can weigh anything up to 42kg per square metre, so a fast setting,flexible & non slip adhesive is vitally important. Also it is a good idea to prime your surface well using an Acrylic Primer (if the surface is cement based).

This will ensure you get a really good bond between the adhesive & the Substrate, eliminate any dust- increasing adhesion & allow even 'drying out'. A good keyed surface will guarantee the longevity of your installation & the Integrity of your adhesive.

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