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Stepped Slate Cladding Panel Used With Wall Mounted Basin Unit

We are wanting to put stepped slate cladding on the back wall of the cloakroom, we have a wall mounted basin unit and toilet, is it possible to mount these against the tiles.

Hello Liz

As with all tiles we would advise that the backs of the slate cladding panels have good adhesion by way of fully spreading the back/wall with tile adhesive. Dot and dab would cause voids behind the tiles and create a weakness.

Wall mounted cupboards usually come with flat brackets on the back with holes for sturdy screws to be used and fixed to the wall. Once the slate cladding panels had been fixed as advised above then there is no reason why the slate panels would fail as the majority of the weight is taken by the screws and bracket.

The slate panels are easily drilled with a diamond tipped drill bit and is advisable to start with a pilot hole and then increase the size to save shattering the slate.

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