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How do I remove or make scratches look less obvious? What products are recommended for cleaning?

We have just had your brushed brazillan black slate floor installed professionally so properly sealed etc. it is beautiful but we have managed to scratch it in a very obvious place.

Could you give me any advice on anything we can do to remove or make scratches look less obvious. Secondly what cleaning products would you recommend for normal day to day cleaning.

Thanks very much

Hello Pam

Whilst scratches and scuffs should be expected within the lifetime of tiled surface, it is frustrating to see on a newly installed floor. The good news is, with natural stone being very hardy, such marks are relatively easy to disguise by topical application over the scratch with a little of the sealer and routinely cleaning the floor with the correct cleaning product i.e. LTP Waxwash or LTP Floorshine. With this care, scuffs, marks and scratches will become less and less visible as the tiles aesthetically improve with age.

Further information can be found in our Natural Stone Aftercare: Sealing and Maintaining blog post but as always Pam, if you have any further questions, please feel free to call us on 01283 730388, we'll be happy to help you.

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