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Fixing slate tiles outdoors on a concrete base

I have a raised covered concrete porch area that has become very grubby and I am wondering whether to scrub clean the porch concrete floor or install slate tiles over it?

My question is - can I put slate tiles outdoors on the concrete?

And what shall I do about the side of the porch concrete?

Hello Jordan

You can put slate tiles almost anywhere, but you must take in to consideration the weather. If in the winter the temperature falls below say -20 then there is a slight possibility that the slate tiles could crack due to extreme temperature changes.

On the whole though if you use a recommended flexible tile adhesive then this should compensate for any slight expansion or contraction due to changes in temperature.

We would also recommend you use a flexible grout & ensure all the grout lines are well filled. Outdoor concreted areas are also recommended to have a suitable waterproof membrane installed.

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