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FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!

Do I need to commission my under floor heating before I install my tiles?

Hi -

We purchased some slates from you a while a go and are now going to install it on a screened under floor heating concrete floor.

the under floor heating has not yet been commissioned or turned on, is that ok still for the slates installation as we need to do this first - do we just need to make sure the adhesive is flexible,

many thanks phil - cornwall

Hello Phil

It is recommended that all under floor heating systems are commissioned to the current British Standards before tiling begins on any of our slate products ; this ensures that any issues can be addressed without interruption to the tiled surface.

When tiling onto an under-floor heating system, the adhesive should be to an S2 standard (ultra flexible) and an anti-fracture membrane (Mapei - Mapetex) should be pre-installed when using a natural stone.

For further technical advice please call our offices on 01283 730388.

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