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Can your Sinai Pearl Antique Limestone tiles be used as bathroom wall tiles?

Can your Sinai Pearl Antique Limestone tiles be used as bathroom wall tiles? Hello Jo The suitability of a tile as a wall covering very much depends on the substrate you will be tiling onto i.e. plaster, tile backer board, render etc. and the weight of the tiles themselves. British Standards for tiling recommends maximum weights of tiles per m2 for different substrates for example, a plaster surface has a recommended tiling weight of 26kg/m2 whereas a rendered, brick or block-work wall will have no maximum tiling weight (as long as the substrate is structurally intact and sound). We currently offer the Sinai Pearl Antique limestone in two thicknesses, 15mm and 12mm (for smaller size and opus pattern), the 12mm is approximately 32kg/m2 with the 15mm being 40kg/m2. Given these weights, the Sinai Pearl would be considered too heavy for a plastered wall for instance but could work on others. There are tile backer boards available with increased maximum tiling weights, so in answer to your question, it's not impossible to be able to use these tiles on a wall but you will need to seek the advice of a professional tiling tradesman, who will offer advice specific to your particular installation following a site visit. If you would like any further information, please feel free to call our sales team on 01283 730388.
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