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Free Samples On All Stone With Speedy Delivery Direct To Your Door!

Can I use Brazilian honed inside a swimming pool basin?

Thinking of using Brazilian honed slate for the floor and walls of a swimming pool, about 1.5m deep.

Keen to know what colour the pool will appear. Has anyone done that as far as you know and do you have photos?

Hello Andrew

That's a really good question and whilst I can say that Brazilian honed slate is fine for use inside a swimming pool basin, in honesty I can't definitively answer the 'under-water, colour element' of the query because there are a few additional factors that would inevitably affect the 'perceivable colour' under the water line.

Another factor in being unable to give a precise answer, is that we don't offer an installation service here, so whilst we have advised customers with swimming pool projects of varying magnitudes, we haven't been involved in the before, during and after planning or fitting processes, so sadly we don't have documented photographs we could send you. The first thing that rose to mind when considering how I would try to answer your question was; 'Is the pool an in or an outdoor one?' Clean water will of course always be clear but environmental factors such as large buildings, foliage, the weather i.e. overcast or a beautiful sunny day will all have an impact on the way the natural light will 'bend' through the water and therefore how we perceive the colours beneath it. Indoor pools would potentially not have these factors to the same degree but would of course be subject to similar considerations should you have bold décor or furnishings in mind.

The depth of the water will of course have an impact on the overall colour; the deeper the water, the darker the bottom of the pool will appear when looking from above. In contrast, should you have 'formed steps' instead of a ladder to enter the pool, the water surrounding these shallower areas will appear lighter than the water in the deepest areas.

As mentioned earlier, I understand I haven't directly answered your question Andrew but as comprehensive as our knowledge is regarding our stone, swimming pools and physics is not our strongest point but I did a search for 'Brazilian slate in a swimming pool' using google and did find some interesting pictures which may be useful to you. We would recommend the Brazilian Slate for the other areas outside of the swimming pool basin, as this range will have a better resistance to slip for foot traffic.

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