Staining on surface of slate
Asked by... David Trandal from Santa Barbara

The Question

I just had California Gold slate (Indian) installed in my back patio. The job was botched. There appears to be grout covered on most of the stone (or from reading your installation guide possibly unpleasant, cloudy white blooming from sealing process). They have power washed the surface but the white blooming and grout issues remain. Do you think it is possible that a stone refinisher could repair the damage and make it look as good as new or do they have to rip it out and start all over?

The Answer

Hi David,

There are products available which will renovate the surface, remove existing sealant, clean any grout or adhesive residue, and prepare the surface ready to be resealed.

I can see from your location that you are based outside of the UK, so I can't suggest any products or companies that may supply the products where you live.

We supply products by LTP who are a global company so they may have suppliers where you live.

- Thursday 15th February 2018
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