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LTP MPG Sealer 1 Ltr

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LTP MPG Sealer is an impregnating product specifically for polished limestone, granite or porcelain.

Colourless and easy to apply, this sealer is suited for polished floors, walls, worktops and fireplaces without altering the finish of the stone.

Ensure surface to be treated is clean, dry and free from contamination. Product should be applied thinly and evenly using a soft cloth or foam radiator roller. Whilst the product is still wet, (within 20 mins) buff over the surface with a clean lint free cloth to remove any excess product.

Treated area will accept light foot traffic in 4 hours but will take 3 days to fully cure and become water resistant. Maintain with LTP Waxwash.

1 x 1ltr will cover 10m2 (2 x coats), suitable for indoor and outdoor each.