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FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!
FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!


Here at Mrs Stone Store we are the leading supplier of stunning natural Slate in the UK. With a massive choice of finishes and colours you dont need to look elsewhere, we are the experts! Slate is the perfect natural stone for use both inside and out. We offer many different thicknesses to suit your requirements and needs. Also don't forget, we also offer a bespoke Slate service where we can make you something as per your exact requirements. 

  • Brazilian Rustic Multicolour Slate

    Original price £26.95 - Original price £44.95
    Original price
    From £26.95
    £26.95 - £44.95
    Current price £26.95
    per m2

    The multi colour is a hand split product so the thickness variations can range between 8mm and 12mm The Brazilian rustic multicolour range offers g...

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  • Rustic Slate Split Face Tile

    Original price £45.95 - Original price £48.95
    Original price
    From £45.95
    £45.95 - £48.95
    Current price £45.95
    per m2

    Size: 600 x 150mm (LxWmm) Tiles per box: 7 Square meterage per box: 0.5901m2 Add texture and transform your walls with our popular, high quality sl...

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  • Brazilian Rustic Multicolour Cladding Slate Strips

    Original price £38.95 - Original price £38.95
    Original price
    From £38.95
    £38.95 - £38.95
    Current price £38.95
    per m2

    Brazilian Multicolour Slate Strips are exactly the same as the Brazilian riven floor and wall tiles but cut into 'strip' formation to enable size c...

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We offer a wide range of Slate tiles in different colour, finishes, thicknesses, and sizes each with its own natural characteristics.

Slate is a highly durable material, making it suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic or exposure to the elements. The perfect product for the popular indoor-outdoor experience offering a seamless flow from home to garden opening new space which is great for social gatherings.

It’s versatility and beautiful characteristics also makes it a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and outdoor areas for any modern and contemporary home. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Brazilian Black Slate

Brazilian black slate is referred in the industry as being a ‘two tonal’ tile due to the charcoal/ black base colouring and variable mid grey movement running throughout the natural riven or ‘cleft’ areas.  It is the very nature of Brazilian Black riven slate to have the potential to find one tile with a single shade whilst others can possess all possibilities.

Brazilian Grey Slate

Brazilian grey has a medium grey base colour and darker variations along the natural riven areas of the tile. The grey colour range can have a slight green hue but will tend be much more consistent in colour when compared with that of the Brazilian Black slate alternative.  

All our Black and Grey slate is calibrated ensuring they are even in thickness and sawn edge to give and excellent finish helping make it extra easy for the installation.

Multi Coloured Riven Slate

The Brazilian Multi Riven Slate needs no introduction. It is certainly one of the most unique and striking products we have at Mrs Stone Store due to its rich diversity of colour and it’s distribution. With its warm tone colours ranging from dark charcoal grey and rust through to burnt oranges and yellow’s offer a distinctive style to any room. These tiles really do offer a beautiful display of mother nature’s finest work.

The Multi Riven is hand split so the thickness can vary between 8mm to 12mm.


The finishes we offer are Riven, Honed, Brushed, Chiselled Edge.

The below finishes are only available in Black and Grey. Multi Colour is only available in the Riven.

Riven Slate

The most popular of all the finishes, the true essence of Brazilian Slate. It’s stood the test of time and gives the confidence to many tilers and fireplace installers for it’s durability and low maintenance.

Thicknesses available 10mm | 20mm | 30mm

Honed Slate

Honed slate has a process which removes any roughness or texture from the natural riven. Completely smooth to touch, the honed slate really showcases the Brazilian Slate characteristics in a unique way.

Thicknesses available 10mm | 20mm | 30mm

Brushed Slate

Brushed Slate has had a brushing process which softens the riven finish creating a smoother and more uniform texture.

Thicknesses available 10mm Only

Chiselled Edge

The Chiselled Edge is the Riven tile that has had it’s edge carefully chipped away. It creates and irregular textured edge which gives a beautiful rustic look which can be perfect for country cottages.

Thicknesses available 10mm Only

Sizes available vary between finishes and thickness. The sizes can all be found on the product page.

Bespoke Service

With a highly experienced production team, we can offer a wide range of bespoke services. Specialising in Fireplace Hearths, we have been a reliable supplier to the fireplace industry for many years.

Also producing many other bespoke products including, wall copings, window sills, outdoor steps and BBQ Worktops. There aren’t many shapes or sizes we can’t do.

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