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Would I be able to use these split face tiles behind a wood burner?

Would I be able to use these split face tiles behind a wood burner? I have plastered behind it, but the heat has cracked it Hello Donna The split faced tiles have been used around log burners as a decorative accent on many, many occasions. It is worth noting however that in general terms, a plastered surface will have a maximum weight for tiling of 26kg/m2, on this basis, the split faced tiles are considered too heavy for fixing onto this substrate. The best surfaces for tiling directly onto with this range of tiles is cement render, brick or blockwork. We would have a little concern regarding the cracking plaster. It's understood that plaster can crack when dried to quickly, could this be the case? or was it that the plaster was adequately dry before the installation of the fire but the heat from the log burner was very intense? If the answer is the latter question, was the recommended airflow adhered to between the fire and the surrounding walls/surfaces when the burner was installed? As mentioned previously Donna, the split faced tiles have been used very successfully on many occasions for this kind of project but on all previously mentioned points, a tiling professional will be able to advise you on your specific project following a site visit.
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