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Which natural slate tile is best suited for a bathroom/wetroom project?

We are planning to build a new bathroom/wet-room in our home and want to use slate tile flooring. We like the flat texture of Honed Slate, but worry this will be too slippery when wet. Which black slate would you recommend for a wet-room that is not rough under foot but also not slippery when wet? I think normal calibrated slate could be too uneven. Would Brushed Slate be a better choice?

Slate in general has fantastic anti slip properties whether it be honed, brushed or riven. It is fair to say that any surface could potentially be slippy if there is sufficient surface water present.

With riven slate having the best anti-slip rating available, this particular range would be deemed perfectly suited to this kind of project.

Brazilian slate is a very dense stone indeed and therefore splits very cleanly during the production process giving a very even and consistently riven surface that won't be sharp underfoot or too riven whereby it could represent a tripping hazard.

The riven surface is available in both natural thickness 10mm(+/-2mm) or calibrated 10mm, the surface texture is exactly the same.

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