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FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!
FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!

What tiles are recommended for use with a wet piped underfloor heating system?

Can you recommend a kitchen floor tile that would be okay to use with underfloor heating - water based? ideally we want to use a slate please.

Hello Claire

The truth is that any of our tiles will be fine for use with any kind of under floor heating system whether it be wet or electric, the only thing that is a consideration will be the adhesive and grout products that you will need to install the tiles.

It is recommended to use an S2 type adhesive which is a highly polymer modified product, this has been specifically designed to work with an underfloor heating system. The grout can be modified into an ultra flexible grout by adding the Granfix Maxigrout plus liquid additive.

If it is that you need any further advice on products Claire, please feel free to call our Sales team on 01283 730388 who will be more than happy to advise you further.

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