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FREE SAMPLES On All Products With Fast Delivery!

What adhesive do you recommend for your Brazilian slate floor tiles?

What adhesive do you recommend for your Brazilian slate floor tiles please?

Hello Alison

Modern adhesives are designed to work 'specifically' for the job in hand so sadly, there is not really a 'one bag suits all' option. In terms of which adhesive to use, the 'correct adhesive' will be primarily based on the installation itself and not the 'type' of natural stone being fixed.

To try and help you, I'll give you a few of the questions we would need to answer to establish which fixing product would be most suitable for a project;

- Floor or wall tiling?
- Underfloor heating system installed or not? If so, is it wet-piped or electric matting?
- What substrate is customer fixing to i.e. wood, plaster, concrete etc
- Is the stone dark or light coloured?

There are however a few points that customers who wish to purchase fixing products elsewhere, may find useful to know;

- only use powder mix, cementitious adhesives for our products - No Ready-mix!
- Grey adhesive should be used for darker stones and white adhesive MUST be used for lighter stones.
- You need to check what bonding or preparation requirements are necessary for your substrate

Here at mrs stone store however, we aim to make things as simple as possible - whether you are ordering direct from our website or via our knowledgeable sales team, we have taken all of these factors into consideration for you, all you need to do is let us know what you have and we'll advise what you need.

I hope this answers your question Alison but if you need anything else, please feel free to call us on 01283 730388.

Technical Specialist

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