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Sealing slate floor tiles

Can you confirm if sealing slate floor tiles prior to grouting is correct and is one coat sufficient, and then should a second coat be applied once the grouting has been completed.

Hello Dave

Our recommendations would be to give your slate tiles a coat of sealer prior to grouting but your floor must be dust and dirt free before you give the slate a first light coat of sealer.

Once you have grouted your slate tiles then we recommend another light coat of sealer. It is always advisable whichever stone you choose to do a water test when the sealer is dried which can take up to 48 hours to be fully dried.

A water test involves filling an egg cup with clean water then pouring this onto one part of your dried slate flooring and then should be left for 2 hours. If when you return the water has dispelled into the stone then you need to apply a further light coat of sealer.

If after sealing the slate floor tiles this has been done correctly then you will be left with a pooled group of water sitting on the surface, the same as you would see droplets on a window when it's raining.

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