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Please can you recommend which sealant will the best for tiles in the bathroom?

Hello there, I would like to order some tiles from you Brazilian Black Honed Slate and also some sealant. Please can you recommend which sealant will the best as we will use the tiles in the bathroom? thanks

Hello Sabine

The LTP Colour Intensifier and Stainblock is particularly suited to any area which may be considered 'frequently wet'. This particular sealer is an enhancer and will therefore intensify the overall colour of the slate.

You should routinely clean the tiles once sealed, with the LTP Waxwash, this is a mild cleaner that will carefully maintain your natural stone surface each time you clean.

NB: General household cleaners should not be used!

For further advice on cleaning and maintaining natural stone surfaces, please call our sales team on 01283 730388.

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