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Open Fire and Hearths

Hi, Please can you let me know if we can use an open fire with the slate hearth? Many thanks Good morning Lisa, So sorry for the delay in this reply. The Hearth All open fires, whether you intend on burning solid fuel or gas, need a hearth - unless the manufacturer's instructions state otherwise. A hearth should extend forwards from the fireplace opening by 300mm and 150mm on either side. These measurements should be taken from either the front of the fireplace opening or, where the fire is recessed into the opening, from the front of the burner. In the case of stoves, a hearth should extend 500mm in front of one that is recessed into a fireplace. With freestanding stoves, the hearth must not be less than 840mm2 and the stove must not be positioned closer than 150mm to any of its edges. If your stove has doors that open, the hearth must extend at least 300mm from the front of the stove and in cases where the doors cannot be opened, 225mm from the front. Hearths for both fireplaces and stoves must be at least 30mm deep and made from a noncombustible material. There is new information suggesting that some stoves may use a 12mm thickness hearth. Please see your manufacturer's information as any information given by us is purely suggestive and based on information from Hearth and Fire companies that buy our stone.. I really hope this has been helpful and thank you once again for your enquiry.
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