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How do I remove water marks from slate tiles?

We have a natural Welsh Slate floor which has water mark stains.

Can these be obliterated?

I would value your input.


Mrs Leri Trivett

If you are aware of a spillage or flooding, the stains can be removed quite simply with a product called Grimex in the affected areas, you will then need to re coat the treated patches.

If however the marks have occured in greater patches/ severe staining with no known spills or floods, it could be a sign of a potential damp issue underneath the floor tiles themselves and therefore may warrant further investigation by a building professional to check for relevant damp proof course.

If there doesn't appear to be a problem with the damp course, you will need to first remove the sealer with a product called Grimex and then remove the water stains with Grout Stain Remover, this should erradicate the staining problem and all that would need to be done is a reseal of your chosen sealing product.

It is important to note that natural stone is both beautiful and durable but it not entirely a maintenance free product and will need a reseal from time to time to keep your floor in pristine condition.

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