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Free Samples On All Stone With Speedy Delivery Direct To Your Door!

How do I bevel my slate hearth and smooth the diamond cut edges?

Hi I am interested in a hearth which I understand have a natural riven finish and diamond cut edges.

I have previously ordered natural tiles which I believe is the same finish so it won't be a surprise. However, as you might expect a diamond cut edge along the front and sides of a heath doesn't look that great.

Are you able to offer a finish so both surface and edges match (e.g. brushed)?

What would the additional cost be on the 1371x508x30 black hearth? An additional question I have relates to hearth size. Are you able to offer slightly altered dimensions?

Hello Stuart

At present we only stock hearths in the 'riven' finish which will, as you have rightly mentioned will be the same texture as the tiles you have previously purchased from us. Preparing the edges and sides to create both a bevel and smoothing of the machine 'cut' is a very simple process which can be very easily accomplished by a competent diy'er by following the 3 steps below.

All you will need is;
- 220 grit wet and dry paper
- 800 grit polishing pad
- Elbow grease

- Firstly, wrap your 220 grit wet and dry paper tightly around the white polishing block and with a consistent speed and pressure, draw the pad along the edge until you have your required bevel.

- Next, wet the 800 grit polishing pad with clean water and rub over the sides of the hearth to smooth and even out the colour, this is where the 'elbow grease' is mostly needed. When this is done, clean the hearth thoroughly with fresh water and leave to dry.

- Lastly, seal the hearth using LTP Stone Oil applied with a lint free cloth. Applying thin coats, several times gives the best finish.

We do offer a bespoke ordering service which would cover custom sized hearths. All you'd need to do should you wish to use this service is send us an email with a detailed drawing highlighting requirements for colour, size, surface finish and any other finishing you may need i.e bevels, bullnose etc.

I hope this helps you Stuart but please feel free to give our office a call on 01283 730388 should you have any further queries.

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