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Free Samples On All Stone With Speedy Delivery Direct To Your Door!
Free Samples On All Stone With Speedy Delivery Direct To Your Door!

Circular Fireplace Hearths For Log Burners And Stoves

Log Burners have become more and more popular over the last few years. As the popularity has increased the log burner manufacturers have released more and more models. To stand out from the competition and fit with interior trends the sizes and shapes of burners has also evolved. The burners are no longer simply rectangular they are a lot more contemporary looking and come in cylindrical and curved shapes. One of the other more recent trends is that a lot of burners come on a pedestal, this gives you a really distinctive modern look.

With the increase in these shapes the hearths to sit log burners on has had to change and adopt too. No longer a straightforward rectangular shaped hearth will suffice as they just wont look correct. You now find that circular hearths and curved hearths are the ideal shape as they match the shape of the burner a lot more. A circular or a curved hearth can be made from the identical stone a regular hearth would be. You can also apply a lot of the same options you would find on a regular hearth such as customised edging like bullnose or bevelled edging. 


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