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Can the Oyster cladding panels be used on the wall behind a log burner?

Are the mini slate tiles (oyster) suitable for behind a log burner? Can they be mounted onto a fire resistant concrete board with appropriate adhesive before adhering to plaster board wall? Hello Donno The cladding panels have been used very successfully for this type of project on many occasions. It is important that the log burner is installed in line with the manufacturer's instructions with respect to the airflow around the fire itself. The ideal substrates for tiling onto with the cladding panels would be brick or blockwork, cement render or an appropriate cement board (check weights). Plaster skim or plasterboard have a maximum tiling weight of 20-32kg/m2 so would not be recommended surfaces for tiling with these heavy items. You would use an S2 type flexible adhesive for the installation in an area such as this and it is worth noting that cementitious adhesives generally have a resistance to temperatures of between -30° to +90°C. NB: Cementitious adhesives generally have a resistance to temperatures of between -30° to +90°C. Natural stone is not tested for use in direct contact with naked flames.
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