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Free Samples On All Stone With Speedy Delivery Direct To Your Door!

Can I use the Split Faced Tiles as a splash back in my kitchen?

We installed a feature wall of mini stepped slate panels and love it so much we want to do it again in our brand new kitchen but it would be placed near water (i.e. behind a sink). Is the product suitable for this area of the house if it is appropriately sealed? I would not expect it to be exposed to the same water ingress as a shower room, but it would need to be resilient to the occasional splashes. I hope there is a solution available as we do completely love our stone wall (and so does everybody who sees it!)

Hello Jen

We're really pleased to hear that both you and your friends love the Split Faced Slate tiles you bought from us a short time ago, they really do create a fantastic and unique feature don't they?

As you rightly indicate, we wouldn't ordinarily suggest using this range of tiles in an area which may be subject to frequent wetting without firstly applying an appropriate waterproofing product. It is however unlikely as you say that a kitchen splash-back would encounter the same 'splash' as a bathing area would. You will of course know from purchasing from us before Jen, that all natural stone needs to be sealed wherever the stone is placed. Our sealers, manufactured by LTP, are designed to be 'water repellant' and provided the sealer is applied correctly, it will offer protection from water ingress via the stone surface itself.

However, as the slate split faced panels are installed by butting up to each other, eliminating the need for grouting, it is possible to find minute gaps where the tiles join. It could be considered that provided the tiles are 'bedded well' into the adhesive during fixing, this could possibly fill these gaps sufficiently. To answer your question Jen, we are aware that these relatively' new to the market' split faced tiles have been used as splash-backs many times, with no known issues to date but we'd say to be on the safe side, the only way to truly ensure that there would not be an issue in future with water ingress, is to apply a suitable waterproofing product in the necessary areas.

I hope this helps Jen but should you require any further help, please call our office on 01283 730388, we'll be happy to talk through any further questions you may have.

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