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Can I use a steam mop on slate tiles?

Can you use a steam mop on slate tiles?

Hello Samantha

It is generally not recommended by the sealer manufacturers to use a steamer to clean your tiles. It is deemed that excess heat/steam could degrade the sealer leaving your tiles potentially unprotected, looking lack lustre and ultimately needing more frequent reseals. It is therefore considered that the good, old fashioned mop and bucket method is the kindest way to clean a natural stone floor.

We do however understand the need to feel like you have hygienically clean floor spaces and would therefore suggest that should you wish to use the 'steam' method of cleaning, that you keep the heat setting to a minimum and frequently check for the requirement to reseal to ensure your tiles remain with full protection.

If you need any further advice, please call our sales team on 01283 730388.

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