A Guide to Tile Suitability Icons

On all our stone products we use a series of icons to indicate to you where the tile is suitable to be used. Below is a description of each of these icons.

NOT suitable for heavy footfall

Areas that do not get heavy footfall as these tiles do not have the level of strength under continued heavy usage.

Heavy Footfall

For areas where there is heavy footfall and/or high levels of movement

Wet Access

Ideal for use in areas that have high levels of contact with water such as swimming pools and wet rooms.

Underfloor Heating

These tiles are suitable for use in conjunction with underfloor heating systems (electric and water based types).


Tiles with this icon are suitable for walls. Some tiles are suitable for walls only such as the Oyster Split Faced.

Light Footfall Only

Best used in areas which do not get much use in terms of people walking on them.


Very suitable for bathrooms, wet rooms, and any area which will come into contact with higher than normal levels of water. These tiles will also require sealing to prolong their wear life.

Outdoor use

Suitable for use in gardens, patios, outdoor dining areas and building perimeters.

Indoor use

Ideal for use indoors rather than outdoor areas.


A general indicator that the tiles are suitable for use as a flooring tile.

Fire Hearths

Available for bespoke t-shaped and shaped hearths.

Fireplace Chambers

A range of tiles suitable to show off your fireplace.

Wall Copings

Top off your garden walls with style.

Internal Window Sill

Suitable to use as an internal only window sill.

External Steps

Step up in style.