Can you advise exactly how I should lay cladding panel tiles outdoors?
Asked by... Alison Merry from Leicester

The Question

I am looking at using your riven panel cladding on a structure outside (the outter building to a woodfire oven). The structure will be made of 9mm WBP secured to frame work, I will stress there is no direct heat coming from the oven to this outter building. From previous questions am i correct in thinking the wbp should be treated first with an acrylic followed by a bonding agent then the tiles applied using a flexiable adhesive? can you recomment which brands for outside use?

The Answer

Hello Alison

You are indeed correct, wooden surfaces will need to be sealed with 2 neat coats of the Granfix acrylic bonding and priming agent before tiling commences. We would recommend the Granfix Ultimate flex adhesive which is a highly polymer modified fixative, so is therfore perfect for tiling onto a wooden surface.

- asked before 2013
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