Using Slate Tiles Inside To Match Outside
Asked by... Caroline from London

The Question

I would like to use tiles that look the same in our kitchen and on our patio, and am thinking of the Brazilian black slate. Can we use the same slate tiles inside and outside or is it best to use specific external tiles for the outside? If so, is there a combination you'd recommend which will look like the same tiles? Thanks!

The Answer

Hello Caroline

We don't recommend using the same thickness tiles outside as you would inside. From previous experience using 10mm tiles externally they can become cracked and lift due to there thickness. We would recommend using the slate pavers for external use. All the Brazilian black slate tiles both internal and external slate pavers will match in colour, they are supplied from the same quarry. We do stock a range of matching sizes in both types so its all down to your personal preference.

- asked before 2013
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