How do I remove silicone sealant from my Brazilian slate floor tiles?
Asked by... Kirsty from Watford

The Question

Hi we have some lovely slate floor tiles in our bathroom and we would love to keep them as we are redecorating. However where the bath was there is silicone sealant on them and I can't seem to remove it without cratching the tile.

Could you help me out of what product we need to help remove this silicone?


The Answer

There are a number of silicone remover products which are available from most big DIY retailers.

As this is not a product we retail, you would have to check with the manufacturer's instructions to see if the product is indeed suited for use on a natural stone floor.

It is always advisable to try the product on an inconspicuous area first to test for compatibility.

- asked before 2013
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