How do I cut out my Brazilian slate cladding panels to fit around wall sockets?
Asked by... Heather from Ayrshire

The Question

We have recently purchased the Stepped Slate wall cladding for use in our kitchen. I am looking for some advice with regard to installation.

The tiles are being put on walls where we have sockets, can you give any advice with regard to the cutting of the tiles for that purpose?

I don't want to take away from the effect these tiles give and I am currently looking into other socket options just incase!!

The Answer

Hello Heather

With these tiles being very profiled it will not be possible to achieve a flush finish between all parts of the cladding panel itself and the wall/light sockets.

Previous customers have found it helpful to dismantle a panel and choose parts which are flatter to facilitate a flusher finish in these areas, this has been very successful so far.

- asked before 2013
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