Honed slate tiles with surface scratches
Asked by... Jo from Coventry

The Question

We are looking to buy honed slate tiles for our residential kitchen. in relation to your answer above Would you therefore recomend a riven slate instead as it will be a medium traffice area?

The Answer

You could put Honed Slate in any room of the home but from our experience it is better suited in low traffic areas like bathrooms. Honed slate can be used in a kitchen but more care is required with items such as kitchen chairs as these can have metal feet which will scratch most stones.

We only advise Honed slate to be used in low traffic areas as our past experience with customers using this in high traffic areas causes disappointment over time. To answer your question, the riven slate is a lot more robust with its natural texture so we would agree with you.

You can be careful with the Honed slate and it looks and remains amazing looking but you should understand surface scratches show up a lot more on this machine honed surface.

- asked before 2013
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