Crumbling Limestone
Asked by... Paru Patel from Purley

The Question

My moleanos stone has started to crumble. Why and how can I restore it or do I have to replace them.

The Answer

Moleanos Bush hammered stone can break down for many reasons. The process of bush hammering effectively opens the pores of the stone. Sealing is essential to maintain the protective barrier against water & frost penetration. If the stone is not maintained & sealed correctly, the elements and general traffic can cause the limestone to crumble. I can see from your order that this has been installed since 2014, and you did not purchase any sealants from us at the time. If your installer did not seal the tiles, and you have not kept up the maintainance, you will not be able to restore the damage, and the tiles will need to be replaced.

- Wednesday 3rd April 2019
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