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Asked by... Joanna Powell from Marlborough

The Question

Hi, I'm interested in your heritage grey antique flagstones. When will the 600x400 or 900x be in stock? Also is this a product that will be available in a couple of years (ie is this something you generally stock) we want to build a patio now but also want to use the same flooring when we convert
our barn... Am thinking ahead...
Many thanks.

The Answer

Generally we offer products subject to availability from the Suppliers we purchase from. If a product is a good seller and demand is there, there's no reason why we wouldn't continue to sell it.

However we offer no guarantee that the product will still be available in a couple of years.

With regards to checking on delivery of new stock, please contact the sales team who will be able to update you with the latest shipping information.

- Friday 14th September 2018
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