Split face tiles suitability
Asked by... C. Winstanley from Wigan

The Question

I'm planning to use slate split face tiles for the back-drop to an outdoor water feature that will have constant splash from running water and a reservoir.

The tiles will be exposed to the extremes of Summer and Winter, plus to complicate matters, they will need to applied Vertically to both brickwalls and 2m2 of marine plywood.

What preparation and adhesive would you recommend to bond these to the structure - Especially the marine plywood ??

Also any other general goods tips you can offer for this type of job ??

The Answer

we would never recommend using split face tiles where they could come into direct contact with water.

Because of the nature of the construction of the tile, they cannot be made 100% watertight, and any water ingress will cause damage behind on your substrate, or even cause the tiles to 'pop' away from the substrate

- Saturday 30th June 2018
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