Hi, your Calibrated Brazilian Black Riven slate Is that the same as honed Black slate?
Asked by... Scott Everest from Hastings

The Question

Your Calibrated Brazilian Black Riven slate
Is that the same as honed Black slate ?


The Answer

Hello Scott

Thanks for your question.

As you'll know, we supply our Brazilian slate in a variety of 'finishes', i.e. the way the surface of the stone feels and looks. The finishes available for Brazilian slate are Natural Riven, Calibrated Riven, brushed, honed and chiselled edge.

Natural and Calibrated Riven slate are exactly the same to look at from the surface i.e have a riven surface, the difference between these two is found on the underside of the tile. The Calibrated range will be machined on the underside to achieve the 10mm thickness, the Natural Riven range however will have the same finish both sides, in other words you can use either side of the tile which is why it is listed as having a 10mm thickness with a +/-2mm tolerance.

The Brushed range will have a riven texture but due to the soft machining process over the surface of the tile, the tiles are smoother to the touch.

Honed slate is machined to obtain a completely flat surface.

The chiselled edge range will have a riven texture to the surface but has the edges of the slate chipped inward to obtain the uneven edges.

In answer to your question, Brazilian black riven and honed tiles are produced from the same slate but will have different finishes.

We hope this helps you Scott but for further information on our ranges of tiles and the finishes available, please feel free to view our helpful videos or call and speak to our sales team on 01283 730388.

- Monday 12th December 2016
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