Are the White Quartz Split Face Tiles suitable for a bathroom / shower area?
Asked by... Luke Fitton from Silsden

The Question


Are the White Quartz Split Face Tiles suitable for a bathroom?

They would get wet as they will be in a shower area

The Answer

Hello Luke

That’s a really interesting question Luke and in honesty there's not a 'one answer fits all' solution but I'll do my best to outline the general advice.

Split faced tiles are great for use as a feature wall covering in areas that won't come into direct or frequent contact with water, so for your particular project - areas within a bathroom that fall into this criteria will be fine. However, we don't recommend the split faced tiles for use in an immediately wet area such as a shower enclosure due to reasons of being unable to guarantee water tightness. The charm and style of these items as you will see, is the overall irregularity of the lengths and depths of the strips used to construct each panel. As it's not necessary to grout this range during installation, any small gaps will not be filled and therefore potentially lead to issues should water ingress occur.

I hope this helps to answer your question but please feel free to ask if you have any further queries.

Kind regards

- Sunday 17th July 2016
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