Split slate cladding panel used in a shower room
Asked by... James Rodgers from London

The Question

I notice that some split slate cladding tiles are not recommend for direct exposure to water. Why is this and are other split slate product that can be used in a shower, if so which ones?

The Answer

Hello James

This is due to the way they are bonded together to make a slate panel. Some are glued to each other creating a secure bond across the whole of the panel in each joint. Others are put together by way of putting a mesh on the back then a thick layer of glue wiped across the slate cladding panel.

This does not create water tight joints on application as the others are much better. Either way I would not recommend either be used for a shower enclosure as both will not create a tight joint because when applied to a wall you will have an open joint from one panel to the next. You would have to create a fully tanked wet room for this to work correctly.

- asked before 2013
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