Fixing slate tiles on to a wall
Asked by... Richard Hayles from Bordon

The Question

Hi, I have already had a chat with a very informative young lady and moreover I have submitted a request for a sample but would like some more advice if possible. Purusing your excellent site I couldn't help but notice your tendency to concentrate your product installation advice toward flooring examples. I'm refurbishing a conservatory and have it in mind to use these slate tiles as an exterior wall cladding. I have not yet started this project, indeed I am at the stage of ordering all my materials etc. The side walls are wooden framed and will be thermally and acoustically insulated. It would be very useful indeed if you could advise me at this stage what I might use as a final outer covering, viz. the board onto which your slates will be fitted/bonded. I presently intend using 18mm structural Plyboard. I have it in mind to butt the panels together without any grouting lines.

The Answer

Hello Richard

You will need to do something that stands up to the UK's really awful weather and be water resistant. I would advise you consult a competent builder before doing anything.

To answer your question about adhering slate to a wall externally we would recommend 1 Part CFTA Adhesive and to use a solid bed method of fixing, never dot and dab.

- asked before 2013
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