How do I order a slate hearth with a bevel?
Asked by... Lewis from Plymouth

The Question

How do I order a slate hearth with a bevel?

The Answer

Hello Lewis

We have a couple of options available to customers who wish to order a hearth with a bevel. Should your project require a non-standard sized hearth, we could place a bespoke order direct with the quarry for your exact specifications. All we'd need from you, is for you to send us a drawing via email with clear instructions of the size requirements and where you wish to have the bevel, we'll take care of the rest. From order to delivery to us, bespoke orders from Brazil can take approximately 8-12 weeks depending on quarry commitments at the time.

Alternatively, we now offer a free 'Hearth Finishing Kit' with hearth orders, this gives you the instructions and the products to easily create your own bevel at home, without the 8-12 week waiting time. Orders for standard sized hearths can be placed as usual either on our website or via our sales team on 01283 730388 who will also help you with any further questions you may have.

- Friday 7th August 2015
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