Can the split face cladding panels be used on a water feature?
Asked by... Colin from Aldershot

The Question

Would the following tiles...

Eco Mini Black Split Face Slate Tiles 600x150x8-13. MO100 suitable for use outdoors, on a small water feature?
Many thanks.


The Answer

Hello Colin

Whilst we are aware that the split faced panels have been used successfully outdoors on many occasions and have indeed been tested under freeze-thaw conditions, there hasn't been any testing carried out by either ourselves or our supplier to establish their performance under frequently wet conditions.

This of course whilst not directly answering your question with a resounding 'Yes it'll be fine, or 'No' definitely not, we can see scope for success by using an Epoxy-type adhesive for fixing which will have an excellent resistance to moisture.

As always Colin, if you have any further queries regarding the split face panels or any of our other products please give us a call we'll be happy to help, for more in depth advice regarding the fixing, it is recommended to seek the advice of a tiling professional who will have the benefit of a site visit to assess your particular requirements.

- Sunday 29th June 2014
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