Can I seal my slate tiles before laying them?
Asked by... Lauren from Gloucestershire

The Question

Can I seal my slate tiles before laying them? I am worried about getting adhesive onto them and not being able to clean it off?

The Answer

Hello Lauren

You can seal your tiles before installation Lauren but in honesty, the easiest way to seal them is once they are in situ. Sealing beforehand would rely on having somewhere clean and dry to lay out all of the tiles whilst they dried.

It is best practice to remove adhesive which may come into contact with the tiles surface during fixing with a damp cloth before it has time to dry but should a small amount of residue remain, there are cement base cleaners which will remove this.

For further help on cleaning natural stone with any of the products we have available, please call our sales team who will be happy to advise on the correct products and the method of cleaning for your particular stone.

- Wednesday 7th May 2014
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