My tiles have been delivered quite dusty, how do I clean this off?
Asked by... Amber Richardson from Leicester

The Question

We have just bought you Brazillian slate cladding and have fixed these to the wall in our bathroom.

Upon delivery the tiles were dusty with a white appearance.

We are now struggling to clean the tiles before sealing them.

Can you advise how to clean the tiles before we seal?


The Answer

Hello Amber

I can see from your order that you have installed the Brazilian black slate cladding panels.

Stock arrives to our warehouse from suppliers all around the world having been wet cut, and packaged immediately for shipping. The dusty marks that can be present will only be cutting residue from the production process and can easily be removed by rinsing with water; a soft bristle brush can be used to help remove residue from profiled tiles like the cladding panels.

The sealer can be applied once the tiles are completely dry.

If you do need any further advice please call our sales team on 01283 730388 who will be happy to help you.

- Sunday 2nd March 2014
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