Do I need to commission my under floor heating before I install my tiles?
Asked by... Phil from Rame

The Question

hi - we purchased some slates from you a while a go and are now going to install it on a screeded ufh concrete floor. the ufh has not yet been commissioned or turned on, is that ok still for the slates installation as we need to do this first - do we just need to make sure the adhesive is flexible, many thanks phil - cornwall

The Answer

Hello Phil

It is recommended that all under floor heating systems are commissioned to the current British Standards before tiling begins; this ensures that any issues can be addressed without interruption to the tiled surface.

When tiling onto an under-floor heating system, the adhesive should be to an S2 standard (ultra flexible) and an anti-fracture membrane (Mapei - Mapetex) should be pre-installed when using a natural stone.

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- Friday 3rd January 2014
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