Wet look for slate tiles
Asked by... Paula Stokes from Crawley

The Question

I want my slate floor to be sealed with a wet look because i like it when it�s wet and looks darker. I have already applied a matt slate sealer so am I ok to just apply the gloss sealer over the top.

The Answer

Hello Paula

Then you will need to apply a gloss or satin sealer.

We have found LTP Ironwax Satin or the Ironwax Gloss to be the best sealer to use if you are looking for this type of wet look finish.

These are both surface sitting sealers and are suitable for indoor use only. LTP Floorshine should be routinely used to clean the tiles.

If you have applied a slate sealer already, then it would be advisable to find out what it was and consult the makers of the sealers to see if they advise to apply straight on top or to remove the sealer already applied & re-seal with the gloss sealer, it is always best practice to do a test area before just diving straight in & causing problems.

- asked before 2013
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