Why does my Limestone not look the same colour as the sample you sent?
Asked by... Beverley from Swadlincote

The Question

I recently ordered a sample of your Limestone tiles from which i based my order on, I have just had the tiles delivered and they don't look the same colour...have i been sent the wrong tiles?

The Answer

Hello Beverley

First and foremost if you could check that the product codes match with respect to both the sample you have requested and the subsequent stock that was delivered to you, this would indicate whether or not a picking error has occurred.

I have to say that in almost every single case of this kind, the answer is always the same and that is that the delivered order is exactly the same as the sample, the tiles are just wet and therefore darker in colour.

All of our limestone tiles are delivered direct from the quarry in Portugal having been wet cut, there is little or no scope during storage, for the tiles to dry out sufficiently for them to look the same colour as the sample you have received prior to ordering. We can however assure you that once installed and completely dry, your tiles will of course look the same as the sample.

- asked before 2013
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