Welcome to our Q&A page, here you can find answers to a lot of commonly asked questions about the products we sell, how to maintain them, suitability and advice on consumables to use.

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We require a slate hearth measuring 1300x1000

we have installed the split face slate on a feature wall behind our log burner and now want to carry this outside on to our patio wall, is it suitable for outdoor use?

Natural Brazilian Multi Riven Slate 600x300x10. Can you tell me the thickness of the tile please?

How long would it take for a sample to get delivered and also, how long would it take to deliver 20m2 of slate tiles?

Can we purchase a pallet of slates but postpone delivery by a few weeks until our landscape guy comes on site?

I've just got your white quartz split face tiles and I am concerned about getting the tiles dirty whilst cutting them as I need to use a wet cutter, can you advise me if I should seal the tiles before cutting?

I'm using your Brazilian slate into a fire place and mounting a log burner on it. Do I need to use a different adhesive and grout please.

What is the thickness of the tiles in your Dijon limestone opus pack

Is the Brazilian slate from mines that have ethical working conditions and no child labour etc?

Hi, your Calibrated Brazilian Black Riven slate Is that the same as honed Black slate?

For a small order can I collect the tiles direct from you rather than have them delivered?

Are the samples free or is there a charge?

Love your slate hearth but its too wide for what ineed. Do you do made to measure hearths?

Hi, Is 10mm Brazilian Riven Black slate suitable for. Kitchen floor?

Are either of the Limestone Hearth Blanks you can supply suitable to use as an internal threshold to a set of patio doors, the substrate is a concrete surface. Can you supply either of these with a bevelled edge

Roughly, how much grout do I need to purchase for a 50sqm area, using 900x600 tiles?

Where can we buy the sealant and how much is it?

Are the White Quartz Split Face Tiles suitable for a bathroom / shower area?

Please could you just outline the main differences between the calibrated, brushed, honed and natural finishes of your black slate.

May I ask how heavy is 42 sqm of the grey limestone flagstones made up of all 3 sizes. In other words how many pallets would this be?