What is the thickness of the tiles in your Dijon limestone opus pack

Is the Brazilian slate from mines that have ethical working conditions and no child labour etc?

Hi, your Calibrated Brazilian Black Riven slate Is that the same as honed Black slate?

Roughly, how much grout do I need to purchase for a 50sqm area, using 900x600 tiles?

Where can we buy the sealant and how much is it?

Are the White Quartz Split Face Tiles suitable for a bathroom / shower area?

Please could you just outline the main differences between the calibrated, brushed, honed and natural finishes of your black slate.

May I ask how heavy is 42 sqm of the grey limestone flagstones made up of all 3 sizes. In other words how many pallets would this be?

Is the oyster slate tile suitable for underfloor heating and wet room floor?

I'm planning a corner stove/log burner in an extension, can you supply and if so could you forward samples please?

What warranty is provided with the slate?

I would like to use a suitable slate for an outdoor windowsill, do you cut them to size?

Do we need to put the sealant on the rear of the tile to stop the dye from the grout coming through the oyster slate tiles?

What product's would you recommend for sealing and giving a satin/satin-gloss finish on honed slate?

Can I order 6 small samples to show the likely colour variation between the oyster slate tiles?

Should we lay patio grey slate 20 mm slabs on dry sand/gravel or should they be set into a sand/cement wet mix?

Can your Sinai Pearl Antique Limestone tiles be used as bathroom wall tiles?

One of our tiles has cracked across a 3rd of its width, can you advise?

Can the oyster split slate tiles be used externally as cladding?

Would I be able to use these split face tiles behind a wood burner?