Photography shows the item for sale and any known defects or areas that have resulted in it not passing our QA process. Some items are perfect but have been returned due to mistake by original customer.

Brazilian Black Honed Slate 1500x1200x20mm

These Honed Slates have been rejected by us for any of the following reasons, they can have either or all

1) Very light machine marks

2) Honed surface has not been evenly finished so light patches can be seen

The issues above (1 & 2) can be masked with stone oil but not removed, we have tried but we are very picky.

If using externally these small faults will become insignificant over time as the pcs will weather.

Please note we offer no returns on these products
Quantity available can change without notice

Please check with office before ordering

Grab an absolute Bargain @ £35.00 each piece excluding VAT

*Price excludes delivery*

Stock Code: S1-14

£42.00 each
Price shown is inclusive of VAT. Delivery Excluded.

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