Requesting Samples

Look for these buttons on our main stone product pages. Please note that samples are not available for sinks, consumables or clearance items.

Order 10x10 Sample

This adds a 10cm x 10cm sample to your sample order where shown, first two are free* but you can order up to six 10x10 samples for a total of £15 including VAT and P&P
Order 30x30 Sample

This adds a 30cm x 30cm sample to your sample order where shown and costs £15 each including VAT and P&P
Order Full Tile Sample

This adds a full tile sample because it is not available as a 30x30 sample where shown and cost £15 each including VAT and P&P

Changing sample size

With most samples we offer you can choose to change them from what you started with in your sample order. For instance, if you choose a 10 x 10 sample but then decide to change it to a 30 x 30 sample, you can do this easily from within your sample order (when available).

Where changes can be made there will be either a green up arrow to indicate you can change it to a full size sample (either a full tile or 30 x 30), or you can change from a large sample down to a standard 10 x 10 sample by clicking on the blue down arrow .

In Fig 1, when the customer clicks on the green up arrow the 10 x 10 sample is converted to the 30x 30 sample (see Fig 2). By doing this they changed their samples order from two 10 x 10 samples and a 30 x 30 sample, charged at £15 (inc VAT and Del) to one 10 x 10 sample and two 30 x 30 samples, charged at £30 (inc VAT and Del).

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