Why using natural stone in interior design projects is a sustainable choice

Stone is a beautiful natural product that as well as being environmentally friendly is great to work with to create striking buildings and for use in interior design projects as it is durable and easy to maintain.

Working with natural stone takes a little more thought and consideration (as certain stones are suited to certain areas), but the end result and the positive reduction on environmental impact (over normal construction methods) outweighs the initially more complicated planning stage.

Extensive research has shown that the costs of working with natural stone are comparatively less than using artificial building materials and this helps to offset the initially higher investment costs.

So what are the big benefits of working with natural stone?

  • As a natural material it is available in an almost refined form and subsequently requires very little additional power and mechanical intervention in the production chain. So it is great for eco conscious and green builds.
  • Natural stone is available in a wide range of colours and textures and therefore can be used to create beautiful statement buildings and structures. It also retains its look overtime unlike concrete from composite aggregate mixes which dull after a few years.
  • If you're using natural stone in a residential property it can add significant value to your property and is a smart investment buy.
  • Contrary to many myths natural stone is easy to clean and maintain. Using the right stone maintenance and aftercare products will preserve and enhance your stonework for years to come.
  • Natural Stone is the most sustainable building material, as resources of stone are plentiful and date back billions of years. Although the re-generation of stone is not as visible as the re-generation of trees, it is a continuous process with natural stone having an enduring life-cycle.
Why using natural stone in interior design projects is a sustainable choice #2

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