Why stone floors make a perfect floor choice

As more and more homeowners choose to improve their homes rather than move stone flooring continues to be a popular choice for many DIY and restoration projects. If you're considering using natural stone or slate for your stone floor but are unsure as to the benefits it brings and why it it makes a great choice for flooring then take a look at our blog below.

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Squeaky Clean!

Why stone floors make a perfect floor choice #2

There's no doubt about it stone floors, slate and floor tiles are super hygienic. They don't attract or grab dirt and unlike carpet don't hold onto odours and bugs. You can even get tile grouts that have anti-bacterial properties in them so you might just be able to eat your dinner off the floor!

Allergy Friendly

Members of the family suffer with allergies or asthma? Well stone floors make the perfect flooring choice as they don't harbour dust or mites.

Durable and Hard Wearing

Like any flooring stone floors must be cared for and maintained but the big advantage is that when given a little TLC natural stone, unlike carpet, linoleum or wood floors can last significantly longer than other floor coverings. Products such as our Brazilian riven slate are extremely hard wearing and perfect for busy family areas. Natural stone and slate is also incredibly versatile and can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces, bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and living spaces.

Toasty Warm

Contrary to myths natural stone tiles and slate is a fabulous comfortable and warm surface to walk on. It isn't cold in the winter and actually absorbs and retains the heat so if you're looking to save on rising heating bills then it can be a smart investment. Add into this underfloor heating systems which are now much more affordable can provide a great alternative to heating rooms over traditional radiators.

These are just a few reasons why using natural stone around your home is not only a smart investment but also one that you'll love for years to come as it truly is a beautiful natural product that enhances any room.

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