Utility Rooms Are Making a Comeback

The utility room has made a recent come back and is more popular than ever. Even in those homes where there isn't a dedicated utility room, people are transforming old pantries or sectioning off parts of their homes to get the functionality and benefit from clever storage.

Utility rooms are perfect for housing everything laundry, but typically you can expect these areas to be multi-purpose and provide people with the space to store the odd muddy welly boot. The rooms are also the favoured place for feeding and bedding down beloved pets. They are far from the traditional hideaway of the 80's and 90's however. They are no longer destined to be a 'shut away' junk room. Modern utility rooms are purposeful, practical and uber stylish.

So, as one of the busiest rooms in the house, you need a hardwearing floor that can cope with all that life can throw at it. All the moisture, mud, dirt and dander needs to be easy and effortless to clean. But how can you do this without compromising style? This is where our Minster range of flagstone comes into play.

Photo by Noah Darnell

Photo by Noah Darnell

Minster sand flagstone in particular is a characterful multi-functional flooring that will stand up to the daily wear and tear that a utility room suffers from. With a matt finish and great natural texture, each stone is ever so slightly unique in its appearance, meaning that you get a classic timeless look.

Flagstone can be incorporated to a multitude of home styles and trends. From the ultra-modern, industrial to the shabby chic country style.

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